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Refeyn pioneers analytical instruments that put molecular mass measurement capabilities within easy reach for scientists. Refeyn’s products feature mass photometry – which uses light to weigh individual proteins, nucleic acids, complexes and viruses.  Returning intuitive data in minutes, mass photometry provides vital insights for scientific discovery, R&D and therapeutics production.

Innophore, a deep-tech drug and enzyme discovery company based in Graz and San Francisco, uses AI-guided point-cloud technology to identify and optimize drugs and proteins. We focus on volumetric cavities and surface volumes to predict function, characteristics, and reactivity. With our Catalophores™, we accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics and better enzymes by translating biomolecules into machine-readable datasets.

Cytiva, now with the life sciences business from Pall, is a global
provider of the technologies, services and expertise that researchers and biopharma companies need to bring transformative medicines from discovery to delivery. Visit for more.

Dynamic Biosensors provides instruments and consumables for the advanced analysis of biomolecular interactions on biochips and single cells, which enable breakthroughs in drug discovery, life science research, and cell & gene therapies. For further information, visit us at

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DeepMind is a scientific discovery company committed to ‘solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity.’ Solving intelligence requires a diverse and interdisciplinary team working closely together – from scientists and designers, to engineers and ethicists – to pioneer the development of advanced artificial intelligence. The company’s breakthroughs include AlphaGo, AlphaFold, over one thousand published research papers (including more than twenty in Nature or Science), partnerships with scientific organisations, and hundreds of contributions to Google’s products (in everything from Android battery efficiency to Assistant text-to-speech).

STAB VIDA is a Biotech Company specialized in providing genomics  services. Next-Generation Sequencing , Sanger SequencingFragments AnalysisOligonucleotides synthesis are examples of our core services.

STAB VIDA’s mission is to be YOUR EASY GENETICS LABORATORY. We intend to provide a fluid flow for your samples, data and information, supported by STABVIDA’s solid laboratories and highly qualified and specialized staff, always with the purpose of helping you find answers to your questions and delivering the results you are searching for.

The Portuguese Society of Biotechnology (SPBt) has as objectives:

  • to encourage, stimulate, support and conduct study and research in Biotechnology and other sciences directly applied to that.
  • to provide a forum for the presentation, discussion and publication of research and development results, for the advancement of the community at large and for the pursuit of the common welfare
  • to promote education and training in Biotechnology

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